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Virginia Stewart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 25, 1952. She is currently a resident of Phoenixville, PA.

Virginia has for a lifetime been on a healing and spiritual journey after being exposed to a range of human thought from Eastern philosophy to Western psychology. Her spiritual interest began at the age of thirteen when she heard a practitioner of yoga speak of the journey to enlightenment.

Virginia attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts with an intensive curriculum of life drawing, still life, figure painting, cast drawing from plaster statues, art history, materials and techniques, anatomy, and other related courses.

She also attended the Studio School of Art and Design where she extended her artistic tool set with typography, mechanical drawing, color theory, illustration, and other methods and media.

Virginia's curiosity for learning new things took her in many different directions, such as exploring basic physics and astronomy. And because of her love of learning about the city she lived in, she became a tour guide in Historic Philadelphia.

In 2009, she joined a unique learning center called Sphere College Project, where she gained the confidence to set out on her true path to becoming an important fine artist.


2nd Annual Women Artists Art Exhibition
Fusion Art
Online Exhibit | Jan 15 - Apr 14, 2019

Colors of Humanity

Online Exhibit | Nov 1 - 30, 2018

100 Square Inches of Art
3 Square Art Gallery

Fort Collins, CO | Nov 9-Dec 1, 2018

Crescent Awards Show
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA | May 1974

Steel City Gallery & Cafe
Phoenixville, PA 

Phoenix Village Art Center
Phoenixville, PA 

Local Sphere Gallery & Crafts
Phoenixville, PA 

Stages Arts Initiatives
Phoenixville, PA 

Franklin Commons Gallery
Phoenixville, PA 


When I sit down to do my art, my intention is to create magic; to create a visual wonderland that brings the gift of insight into the realm of mystical perception. Like Zen, I feel I am a channel for the direct transmission of that phenomenon, the mysterious now.


Sunday Soup Award
Phoenixville, PA | 2011

Fellowship Traveling Show
Phoenixville, PA | 2012
First Prize for "Rose Empress"


Phoenix Village Art Center Member Show
Phoenixville, PA | 2013
Honorable Mention for "Flower Pod"


"... dizzyingly beautiful images of flora...", Tom Sunnergren, Phoenixville Patch

"Virginia Stewart is a tasteful, sensitive surrealist artist whose drawings of biomorphic nature and powerful automatism flow and would grace any collection or decorum," James D. Fitzgerald, Phoenixville Patch


Richard Liston
Phoenixville, PA 
Radiant Swan, Emergence, Shell Pillow, Bumbees, and Tadpole Bowl, Fabric Of Space

Scott Levy
Phoenixville, PA 
Scott's Life


Frank Kelso Wolfe
Phoenixville, PA

Portrait of Frank (for a collection of poems, Love and Bagels.)


Theodore Geisel, M.C. Escher, Edward Hopper, Jan Van Eyck, Albrect Durer, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Frans Hals, Henri Rousseau, Johannes Vermeer, Eugene Delacriox, John Singer Sargent.

"Vote for Your Favorites at Phoenix Village Art Center"
Phoenixville Patch | May 2011

"Virginia (Ginny) Stewart"
Phoenixville Patch | May 2012



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